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Photograph of Katie Rees, Chemistry Tutor

A Level Chemistry Tuition

I offer tailored one-to-one online tuition to A level chemistry students throughout England and Wales, 

working with students to help them build confidence in whichever areas are required. This could include helping them build, piece together or contextualise their knowledge application or understanding, along with exam technique, scientific communication skills or even supporting their personal confidence or motivation. I help students to believe in their strengths and address their weaknesses. We will work together, building from the syllabus to identify and tackle weaker areas first. My approach remains flexible as we progress to help students achieve their best.

I moved to online tuition in 2019 and have found that this method works well, specifically for the 16+ age group when on a one-to-one basis.

My fee is £55/hour and I normally take bookings for a minimum of one lesson a week in a regular 60 or 90 minute slot. Depending on availability I do sometimes also accommodate one-off or short term sessions.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements or sign-up online.

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About Me

I am a female chemistry tutor specialising in the WJEC and OCR A exam boards and offering a responsive and personalised approach to tutoring.

After graduating my Chemistry BSc with honours from Cardiff University I worked as a college lecturer, teaching from GCSE through to foundation degree level.

While there has never been a time when I haven’t tutored in some form (I started out tutoring friends and family as a student) starting a family in 2017 gave me the freedom to make tutoring my main focus and launch Chemistry Tutor UK.

My lessons have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It’s important that students feel comfortable with me and can freely express their thoughts. Combining this with my natural enthusiasm for the way of understanding the world which chemistry gives us creates an environment which stimulates the student’s interest in the subject.

My favourite piece of feedback which I commonly hear from students is that their lessons with me have changed how they feel about chemistry; from being their worst subject to the one which they enjoy the most!

Fully DBS checked.

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My Ethos

I believe that tutoring is most effective when it is fully tailored to the needs of the individual student. For some tutors there can be a tendency to fall back into generic lessons which, while appropriate in a group setting, miss out on the unique potential presented by one-to-one lessons.
For these reasons I limit the number of students that I will take on at a time and take time to prepare for each and every lesson.
A relaxed and enthusiastic atmosphere is the most conducive to learning. There is an optimal point of balance between feeling unmotivated and feeling overwhelmed where we are able to do our best work, I aim to support students to help them maintain this balance as much as possible.

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